What I think of during night

I have realized that I love nights. Or actually, I did not really realize it now, I have been aware of it a couple of years now. For some reason I am much more creative during night. I get more things done. I write much better during night. I study better during night, or evening but it is almost the same. I figured that the best time for me to study is between 7 pm - right after dinner - to 9.30-10pm. That is when my focus is the best (probably because I just ate food right before). When I come home from school I am so tired of all that is even remotely related to school and I am not up for any more work there and then. Conclusion: I am a night owl.

Random photos from spring. #1 coffee cooler from 7 11 which I drank all the time. #2 my friend Ludwig at Gröna Lund's grand opening this season.

Right now my head is filled of thoughts of how to survive this and the next week. I should not really worry about next week because then it is autumn break, but the week after autumn break is where all my deadlines are. Which means I have to study during autumn break. FML. Seriously, fml.

Week 45
Essay | PE

Essay | Home economics
Test | Home economics

Analysis | Art

Even those these subjects are not the hardest, it is still much to do and these assignments will be a big part of our grades in the subjects. Also the weeks after I have a math test, a Spanish test, an English essay, an English presentation, a history essay, a history presentation and of course homework coming up. FML!

Well.. now to something positive. Today I had pink hair. Tomorrow my classmates are starting school in a café were we will be eating breakfast with our teacher, nomnomnom foooood.


Namn Husk

Kära Toni...


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