It's all about my weekend

This weekend has been great and I am really not keen on another week of school.. Fortunately, tomorrow my school has this weird day called "coachdag" where we do not have any lessons and just hang out and have fun. And since Halloween is coming up, the theme of tomorrow is Halloween. There will be a costume contest and the winner will get a secret award (hopefully candy!), but I do not think I will participate. Well, I am going to dye my hair pink but I will not wear a costume.

By the way, this is the last week of school before autumn break. YAY! Only one exhausting week, filled with essays that I have to write and powerpoint presentations that I have to make before I am free.

Dinner on friday, wok which my brother made: (he was so proud so he wanted me to upload these photos)

It's autumn outside!

By the way, I have a question for you:

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Jooo! Du måste ha utklädning!

Jag o Romina ska vara kändisar, du måste också ha på dig nåt kul :D

2011-10-23 @ 20:14:39

Namn Husk

Kära Toni...


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