Shopping time!

Right now I should be at my boyfriend's concert but according to my mom I should be at home hanging out with her.. So here I am, at home, doing absolutely nothing. Earlier today I was in school and after that I went shopping with my friend Romina. I bought a knitted cardigan and a orange/rusty blouse. And some underwear but those I will not show you, mohaha.

The blouse is more rusty colored in reality and not this orange.

Answer to Klara who commented my blog without any url:
Those "analog" photos that I posted on Tuesday are not really analog. I took them with my dslr and the grainy, analog-looking editing is done in photoshop. If you want to learn how I did it, you can ask me for a tutorial. I also want to recommend you to google/youtube it and I am sure you will find many great tutorials.


thank you! :) Awsome blog!

2011-10-21 @ 11:38:45
alexandra | fotoblogg

gud så snyggt!

2011-10-25 @ 19:53:30

Namn Husk

Kära Toni...


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