Random thoughts in science class


Right now I'm in my science class working with photoshop. Makes sense? No, neither to me. I don't even work with sciene in photoshop (however that would be possible?), I'm editing some pictures I took this weekend. Quite a fun lesson so I shouldn't complain.

Do you know what I just realized with my mac?

I have more movies than photos stored on it. Isn't weird? I mean, I'm the photo geek herself and I don't even really watch movies. The only thing I watch is How I Met Your Mother. By the way, I really need to put my photos and movies on my external harddrive.

Two photos from this weekend. What do you think?


Gooooosh, they are B E A U T I F U L ! Sjuuuukt snyggish! Typ sagolika lite, du vet drömska ;) Jag har märkt att min hårddisk typ snart är full :O Måste alltså gå runt med TVÅ olika! :O OMg lxm <3

2011-10-17 @ 16:21:01

Jag har läst din blogg ett tag nu och jag måste bara få säga att du tar otroligt fina bilder! THUMBS UP FOR YOUR BLOG! ;D

2011-10-17 @ 20:00:32

Namn Husk

Kära Toni...


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